The Relationship Among The Corporate Reputation, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty And Behavioral Intentions. A Study On The Pakistan Textile Industry

  • Muhammad Farhan, Rai Imtiaz Hussain, Sajjad Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Sohail Tahir


Corporate reputation is an intangible asset of the organizations which could help to sustain the competitive advantage for a longer period. However, ineffective development of corporate reputation by the organizations could reduce the competitive advantage in the global market. To address this issue, this study attempts to examine the effect of corporate reputation on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and behavioral intention in the textile industry of Pakistan. Using cross-sectional research design, 450 questionnaires were distributed among the managers of textile industry of Pakistan which yield a 56% response rate. The data were analyzed by the Structural Equation Modeling technique. The findings have shown positive and significant association among the corporate reputation, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and behavioral intention. The current study contributed to the extant literature and would also provide valuable insights for the organizations to capitalize on the corporate reputation to sustain the competitive advantage.