Challenges Faced By Women Engineering Graduates In Construction Industry

  • B. Durga Devi, Dr. S. Anthony Rahul Golden,


In India, the second largest industry is construction industry. It makes significant contribution to the national economy and provides employment to large number of people. The construction industry has remained largely closed to women engineers and posing overwhelming challenges to the few women who have found their way into the industry. The number of women-owned businesses is increasing around the globe. Participation of women in the engineering profession is important from the viewpoint of national development. It is also an important factor in improving the quality of life of women. The civil engineering industry remains one of the most male dominated sectors and women are under-represented. Much of the current literature describes the difficulties experienced by women who work in this sector including cultural and structural barriers, such as harassment and discrimination, limited networking opportunities and long and inflexible working hours which often result in poor career prospects and high levels of stress for women. The major objective of this paper is to identify the challenges faced by women engineers in construction Industry. Basic difference between women and men are brought out. The strengths of women which are relevant to engineering domain are narrated. Problems faced by women engineers as career are analyzed. Then the remedial measures are proposed.