Analysis of Green HR Practices in Information Technology Industries of Pakistan

  • Liaquat Ali Rahoo, Sheer Afzal Khan, Muhammad Ali Khan, Khalida Khan, Muhammad Memon


Now a day’s business world is about efficiency, power consumption and applying green policies and practices for making smart business decision making. Going green is becoming increasingly attractive as a business strategy. Green HR Practices not only help for branding but also it increases organization revenue and cost cutting. The main motive of the study is to find out the importance of green HR management and green HR practices in IT industry at Sindh. This study also helps to identify employee awareness and perception regarding green HR practices. A survey was conducted to collect data from the respondents of 60 employees by structured questionnaire. In this study random sampling technique was used for selecting software houses companies and for employee selection convenience sampling was used for selecting employees. The major findings of the study are lack of online training programs for employees, management is not providing E-performance management system for measuring employee’s environmental performance and also they fail to recruit green employer or employees. The suggestion of the study are management should provide online training programs for employees regarding environmental issues, recruit employees who are aware about green HRM it will increases employee engagement, participation and also reduces employee turnover. It is found that green HR practices play a vital role in employee involvement and participation in environmental management programs to improve organizations environmental performance.