Mediating effect of work engagement in Psychological Empowerment on Job Satisfaction among Female Teachers of Girls Colleges of Sindh, Pakistan

  • Benazir Solangi et al.


The major purpose of this study was to determine the mediating effect of work engagement in
psychological empowerment on job satisfaction among female teachers of Girls’ Colleges of
Sindh, Pakistan. Data were collected from 370 female teachers of the college education
department from six divisions of Sindh including 29 districts by using survey questionnaire
consists of 36 scale items with demographic items at a 5-point Likert scale ranges from 1 to 5
(SDA to SA) analyzed by Smart PLS. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to
demonstrate the results. The results indicated that psychological empowerment (PE) has a
positive and significant impact on work engagement (WE) and job satisfaction (JS) and the
work engagement (WE) has also a positive significant impact on job satisfaction (JS). Thus,
all the hypotheses were found supported. The work engagement was predicted by
psychological empowerment at the rate of 29% and job satisfaction was predicted by
psychological empowerment at the rate of 32%. Thus, the worm engagement has played a
role in partial mediation. Although many studies were conducted to, study job satisfaction in
various contexts the female teachers in the context of empowerment and the role of mediation
had not obtained much attention. In this context, this study has tested the conceptual model of
empowerment in the context of psychological empowerment, work engagement, and job
satisfaction. This study showed that it is necessary for better work performance and job
satisfaction female teachers should be empowered and engaged in work psychologically.