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SERSC is an international center for supporting distinguished scholars and students who are researching various areas of Science and Technology. SERSC wishes to provide good chances for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in various areas of Science and Technology.

SERSC organizes many international conferences, symposia and workshops every year, and provides sponsor or technical support to researchers who wish to organize their own conferences and workshops.

SERSC also publishes high quality academic international journals in various areas of Science and Technology.


Publication Warning!!!

Recently we have received emails regarding the academic corruption in which some agents from China charges a high publication fee amounting from $2,000 to $3,000 USD without peer-to-peer review to be published in SERSC EI journals. SERSC DOES NOT ALLOW ANY AGENTS FROM CHINA to act on our behalf in collecting papers for our journals because we have standard procedures in publication of submitted papers. If you know them or if you have any information of these agents or their company, kindly inform us so that we will do necessary legal actions in preventing them from their wrong doings. SERSC does not tolerate this kind of practice. To those author(s) who wishes to publish their papers in any SERSC Journal kindly submit it directly to the SERSC Journal online submission system.