A Review Of Automatic Irrigation System Through IoT

  • Mr. Rahul Sharma, Mr. Dharmesh Dhabliya


India is a country with billions of population and there is a need for food and land for the survival to eliminate this problem of food the irrigation system needs to be developed and maintained. As we know farmers are suffering from a shortage of water due to lack of rains so our main objective is to provide the best agriculture techniques to the farmers so that money, power is saved. New techniques are introduced for making farming easier and more attractive wide applications of technologies are used such as IoT, and IoT is a system in which a new wave of informations is communicated with different device capabilities and strategies. IoT is Internet of Things that helps in farming where new technologies are used to get the higher growth of crops and also get the proper supply of water. An automatic irrigation system can be used where the sensor senses the water content and sprinkle the water as per the requirement in the soil. IoT is the network where many sensors and connected to many different WSN(Wireless sensor network) and is known as the components. Monitoring and control can be done through IoT and have improved stupendously using WSN technology. Manpower can be minimized by using the automatic irrigation system, which senses the change in temperature and humidity of the surroundings that makes changes accordingly and gives the signals to the microcontroller.

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