Cloud Security Issues and Challenges

  • Prikshat Kumar Angra
  • Dr. Kavita
  • Dr.Sahi Verma
  • Anup Lal Yadav


Itprovides a direct blaze to the shared pool of comfortable attached resources.These resources are used to access information with the help of service providers. Resources are provided in the form of IT-based capabilities.In this paper cloud computing security obstructions are
discussed related to cloud and its services.Cloud security can be improved with the help of many technologies that may use to secure data some times and also secure sometimes working of service providers.We have presented a review from different papers according to which many security issues are discussed.We explain trusted data sharing in which our data is easily accessible from different devices with the help of cloud services.For secure data access Service level Agreement(SLA) protocol helps for transparent communication between the end user and cloud.

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