Crime Data Analysis Using Data Mining

  • Apurva Kher
  • Ashwini Zadgaonkar


Crime investigation from the obtained evidences is a very complicated data mining and warehousing issue, due to the fact that a given crime is linked with multiple evidence types like audio proofs, video of the crime scene, Whatsapp & other text messages, along with many other documented and non-documented proofs. In order to properly analyze the crime investigation records, researchers constantly need to keep evolving their approaches, and add more than one mining technique, so that proper analysis of the incidents is done. In this paper, we analyze various techniques proposed by researchers to perform mining in various fields, and suggest as to which particular algorithm set is suited for which kind of application, so that researchers can refer the said algorithms and build on them to further solve the crime investigation mining cases. We also observe the classification accuracy of the algorithms, and compare them in terms of their performance, so that it further benefits the research of the readers.

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