ARDUINO based Automatic Plant Watering System

  • Dr. Manisha Khorgade
  • Dr. Pravin Dakhole


This paper deals with the design and development of an automatic plant watering system which is being used to prevent plants because of the reason that it doesn’t get enough water for their growth. In everyday operations related to gardening, watering is the most important and the most labor intensive task. System created automatic plant watering system to minimize manual activities and making gardener's work easier. This project uses the Arduino UNO and it is programmed to sense moisture level of plants, if the moisture level is less than specified value which is predefined in the programming then desired amount of water is supplied till it get sufficient moisture level. The water supply needed for watering can be from any source like tank, well etc. Here, solar energy is used for glowing the led at night. The main intention of this system is automatic, not time consuming and saving water.

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