Model of Creative Thinking Skills for Elementary School Students

  • Sehati Kaban
  • Juhana Sakmal
  • Yetty Auliaty
  • Arita Marini
  • Apri Wahyudi


This study aims at proposinga model of creative thinking skills for elementary school students. This model can develop creative thinking skills by encouragingfluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality. The sample group of 205 students represented grades 4-6 from 12 elementary schools in West Jakarta. The students were requestedto respond the questionnaires of creative thinking skillscarried out in their school in the context of fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality. Data analysis in this studyused the structural equation model (SEM).The result of this study is thatfluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality had predictive effects on student creative thinking skills.This study has a practical contribution by pointing out that fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality developingstudent creative thinking skills by supplying this model. Implementingthis model, the student creative thinking skills can be enhancedso that the student potencies related to creativity can be realized optimally.

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