Design, Development of Magneto-Rheological Damper for Commercial Vehicles

  • Nitin P. Sherje
  • S. V. Deshmukh


The control of vibrations is a prime concern in an automobile because it may not only affects the comfort but also disturbs the stability of vehicle on road. The active suspension systems which has the better performance over the passive suspension system in terms of comfort as well as road handling has been introduced by an automobile industries in vehicles in the recent years. But, the drawbacks of this design are; high cost, high power requirement, more complication/mass of the apparatus needed for its operation and the need of frequent maintenance and repairs on some implementations etc. Hence, the vibration mitigation with semi-active control device has recently received considerable attention, because of its most appealing features; strong potential to control devices without imposing heavy power demands. The smart fluids, mainly Electro-rheological (ER) and Magneto-rheological (MR), which changes their properties in presence of an electric or magnetic field, are used in these devices. Hence, the work is focused on design, development and testing of MR damper. It also introduces the technique for optimizing the dimensions of damper based on the magnetic saturation of material.

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