Does Quality, Safety, Environment and Food Safety Management System Influence Business Performance? Answers from Indonesian Packaging Industries

  • Agus Purwanto, Andi Sulistiyadi, Riza Primahendra, Fredson Kotamena, Mirza Prameswari, Freddy Ong


This paper aims to analyze  the relationship between the implementation of system management integration (IMS) consist of quality management system (QMS), safety management system (SMS),environment management system (EMS) and food Safety management system (FSMS) toward  business Performance of Indonesian packaging industries. The study motivation is due to the inadequate or only few studies have directly examined the influence of previous research and works of literature on the influence of integrated management system  on business performance after their implementation in Indonesia. This study  was conducted in several packaging industries  in Indonesia. The respondents are 900 employees, who are from 90 packaging industries  that have implemented an Integrated Management System in their respective companies  for at least 2 years. Survey method was used for the purpose of data collection in November 2019, and quantitative approach has been used as well and the data was collected via online electronic questionnaires using snowball sampling and analyzed using the Structural Equation Model (SEM) and Linear Structural Model (LISREL) version 8.70. The results of the analyses showed that the implementation of  The implementation of food safety management system (FSMS)  shows a positive and significant effect on business performance. This study has proved that the quality management system (SMS), environment management system (EMS) and quality management system (QMS)  have positif  but  not significantly influenced the business performance of the selected industries. Interestingly. Food safety management system (FSMS) are more significant  contributed to the increased customer satisfaction, increased employees' productivity and also reduced the non-compliant products. This research novelty is essential as it outlines a strategic model that could be adapted and adopted by other industries in Indonesia or in other countries in improving their business performance through the implementation of integrated management system (IMS). Nevertheless, this study focused only on packaging industries, future research can extend the present model to others industries  and from another  countries. Do they have the same effects or not. It is interesting to compare the finding result of this study with other industries  from other country.

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