Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Deduplication in Cloud Computing

  • Nipun Chhabra et. al


With the wide usage of cloud services, the volume of data stored at cloud servers has also increased. As a result, most of the valuable storage space is being wasted due to duplicacy or redundancy of data and which deteriorates the Quality of Service and underutilises the cloud storage resources. To address this issue various deduplication techniques are used which ensure that a single instance of the data is uploaded and other instances are allocated with a reference pointer for future use. It has been observed that this movement of data from user to storage servers is not secure enough and it creates a lacuna in the reliability of cloud service providers. Many encryption techniques were rendered for providing security to data across the network. This paper presents a deduplication technique coupled with attributes based encryption for providing a secure data transfer between user-end to cloud servers without compromising on data security.

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