Relationshop between Welfare Measures Job satisfaction

  • Dr. Renu Rathi


Abstract:Managing the workforce in the organization is one of the essential goals of the organization, which helps to improve productivity. To do so, organizations should implement various labor welfare measures. The present study deals with identifying the multiple determinants of labor welfare facilities and their impact on job satisfaction. The success of an organization depends on the job satisfaction of the workforce.In the present study, the parameters of job satisfaction are identified by an extensive literature survey.The present study identifies that labor welfare facilities and job satisfaction of employees will affect the quality of work life. In this context, the study addresses the labor welfare schemes, job satisfaction level, and its impact on Quality of Worklife,Job Satisfaction in Small & Medium Scale Industries of Bangalore.  Data is collected through primary sources with an interview schedule with a Likert five-point scale with a sample size of 150.

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