Implementation of Basic and Fuzzy CAN Communication in Context with Automotive Application(s)

  • Mr. Umesh B. Pawar, Dr. Sunil G. Bhirud, Dr. Satish R. Kolhe


Exponential growth of using electronic control units i.e. ECUs for in vehicle communication. For interconnection of different ECU’s there are different protocols are used. Initial part of this paper gives critical comparison of popular protocols used in automotives. Later part covers different sensors used for sensing the parameters in real time mode. The sensors include like Limit switch as a Crash Sensor, float sensor and soil moisture sensor used for fuel level indication.

This paper focuses on prototype implementation of CAN bus network. It includes various sensors like crash sensor, smoke sensors, and temperature sensor depicting different modules used in automotives.  Later part of this paper describes the Fuzzy CAN controller implementation which gets the temperature and humidity parameters to decide the compressor speed. With varied speed of compressor reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The reduction of fuel consumption gives better performance in average of vehicle. With the help of open cloud platform like Thing speak helps in monitoring the parameters like temperature , location etc  as well as with the help of read and write keys real-time monitoring and controlling is possible which is the need of the time in days to come for in automotive industries.

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