IoT based Flood Monitoring and Alerting System

  • Priya S. Patil et. al


In any water system, when there is an increased quantity of water, it causes flooding, like a river or lake overflowing. Flooding is a natural disaster occurs in many countries. As a solution his paper proposes the development of IoT based flood monitoring and alerting system. In this system Arduino mega board with water level sensor and flow sensor is used. These sensors used to measure water level and predict flood as well as alert the respective authorities. For controlling the hardware remotely, displaying and storing data Blynk application is used which is integrated in Arduino board. Blynk application also allows monitoring the flood anytime from anywhere using android mobile phone. This system calculates rate of flow of water from each gate and determine the reach time of flood to near by villages or city.  With this information we can alert or evacuate villagers near to the river, which in turn help in minimizing the losses.

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