High Security Performance of Optical Communication over Bioinspired Algorithms

  • Maheswaravenkatesh P.


In this study we done the implementation of duobinary modulation with the Dynamic Spider Web (DSW) Pattern (DSWP) scheme is presented. The DSWP scheme generates the security key from the Dynamic Spider Web Constructor (DSWC) block to provide improved security. In this case, the S 3 A is altered for producing the dynamic non-uniform spider web. Thus a Dynamic Spider Web based Security Pattern (DSWSP) is generated. The modulated duobinary signal is added to this. Thus, the unique signal is improved at the receiver end when the pattern produced by the DSWSP generator is present at the receiver end. If the pattern is incompatible, the receiver cannot regenerate the unique communication. Thus, the safety of the optical duobinary communiqué scheme is improved without using the Chaotic Cryptographic technique. This method ensures better security with less complexity, since the chaotic cryptography is not employed. The generation of DSWSP at the transmitter and receiver ends is managed by the user, whereas in the SWSP-CMS method, the generation of key depends on the pre-defined initial parameters of the algorithm. As the final phase of the study, the performance of the CMS is improved by introducing the Adaptive Gaussian Function (AGF) with the chaotic cryptography technique. Thus, a AGF embedded chaotic carrier signal is developed at the transmitter and modulated by the duobinary signal. By synchronizing the AGF embedded chaotic laser at the both ends, the actual signal is recovered in this system. This work helps in improving security in ODB communication without using complex algorithms and designs.

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