Comparative Analysis and Review of Image Copy Move Forgery Detection

  • Aditya Atreya, Khushbu Garg


A frequent method for altering photographs in the digital sphere is copy-move. The prevalence of picture fraud is rising as more affordable software becomes available. Image security authentication is crucial in modern society as a result. Therefore, copy move forgery detection (CMFD) is activated to recognise the falsified area of a picture. Copy move forgery is the practise of copying a section of a picture and pasting it in a new place inside the same image with the intention of hiding information. The study of image forgery detection techniques is represented in this work. These techniques offer a lot of potential for pattern recognition and image processing. the many techniques for estimating picture tampering. DCT, FFT, SIFT, and numerous other transforms are examples of discrete wavelet transformation. We aim to discuss current progress in the area of copy move detection in this work. This study compares the state-of-the-art methodologies in detail and demonstrates the detection of copy move forgeries using block-based and key point methods..

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