A Study: GIS and Remote Sensing on Indian Agriculture

  • Ms. Veerpal Kaur, Mr. Baljinder Singh


Indian agriculture which mainly depends upon monsoonal rainfall, have get into greater influenced under the several developed techniques and methods. There are number of techniques which come out of the blessings of 21st century like Remote Sensing, GPS, GIS, Computer assisted technologies etc. In this paper we will discuss about the impact of GIS (Geographic Information System) on Indian agriculture. Agriculture and concerned resources had been seen of rare interest of technical knowledge creators to implement technology in this field though this is main stream line in national level growth of India. The ability and usability of both Geographic Information System and Mobile computing has become unavoidable part of Indian life system. Young farmers need proper guidance, frequent knowledge and direction to increase their agricultural productivity, reduce cost, and to get control on hazardous risks. GIS technology is gaining importance as useful tools in sustainable agricultural management and development.  The researcher wants to see if combining GIS, Knowledge Management, and Mobile Computing Services to create social and national concern for information sharing may assist these farmers in efficiently benefiting from these advances and avoiding danger. The Geographic Information System Interface will detect information about need, availability, quality, quantity, and other factors affecting their atmosphere, water, soil, land, air, terrain, market, transportation, labour, capital, fertiliser, and pesticides. Based on data acquired in real time, this data will be mapped and modelled to assess for cost and risk variables utilising application tier.

GIS Applications in Agriculture investigates how this sophisticated technology may assist farmers in producing more crops with higher efficiency and cheaper costs. The impact of GIS technology on agriculture is clearly explored in each idea in this study.

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