Calculation of Electrical Parameter of Solar Cell Using Java Framework

  • Dr. Vijay Bhardwaj


The current paper is about the creation of a JAVA-based framework for calculating the electrical properties of solar cells. We utilised the Eclipse IDE to create the graphical user interface (Integrated Development Environment). Eclipse is a free, open-source Integrated Programming Environment that provides an excellent Java development environment. We employ a SQL (Structural Query Language) database for the backend. SQL is a programming language used to manage and store data in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). We employed three input parameters for this investigation: fill factor (FF), short circuit current (Jsc), and open circuit voltage (Voc), and used random number generation and java programming to determine the unknown Vmp (V) and Imp (mA/cm2) values. The estimated values are quite close to the results that have already been published in the literature. The findings indicated that java programming may be effective in solar cell development.

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