Enhancements in Comparison of Product and Manufacturing Information

  • Abhilasha Kate, Manikrao L. Dhore


Designers are frequently required to revise designs including annotations to correct errors, add or delete information, clarify designs, or improve manufacturing methods. Designers need a tool that tracks Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) changes. NX™[1] software has introduced new functionality called “PMI Compare” in which users will specify two parts via the PMI Compare dialog: the source part and the comparison part. PMI Compare will allow user to compare PMIs, model and section views between two versions of same part and report differences. PMI compare functionality is added and has scope for enhancements. Still some PMIs or related information is not compared and reported to user. In many cases users want to have support for Hole Callout features and Custom Symbol features while comparing object-based product manufacturing information. So, the scope will be to research and enhance this functionality in alignment with NX™ software goals/targets.


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