CNT based on Chip Switched Capacitor Dc-Dc Voltage Converter

  • Gondhi Navabharat Reddy


DC-DC converter mainly required in portable electronic devices, where different sub circuits are present inside the devices. These sub circuits require different power supplies. Single DC-DC converter is used to provide required voltages as power supply for different sub circuits .In this paper on chip SC DC-DC converter is designed instead of inductor based DC-DC converter to reduce the space utilized and to reduce the no. of I/O pins required. As the scaling of MOS approaches towards its limiting value, consequently the threshold voltage is also scaled, resulting increase in the leakage power and parasitic capacitance. CNTFET has improved channel transport due to less scattering effect. Due to high K dielectric material in CNT, mobility of carrier increases with decrease in channel dimension. CNTFET is the best alternate technology to MOSFET for DC- DC converters at low technology node. In this paper CNT based on-chip SC dc-dc voltage converter is designed in 32nm technology and simulated in HSPICE. The results shows efficiency  of88% and ripple voltage is 5 mV for load current 5uA and output power as16.2uW.

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