Various Congestion Control Methods in WBAN – A Review

  • Sandhya Vats


Wireless Body Sensor Networks is widely known technology where sensors nodes is placed, on the body, around the body or implanted inside the body. From the very beginning of the layered architecture of WBAN, several solutions have been proposed with respect to various issues present in this network. Among numerous issues, congestion is one of vital and serious problem in the transport layer. Regarding this fact, researchers are digging out for the solution to avoid the problem of congestion in the network for appropriate transmission of data from one node to another. This paper contributes for the same by providing a review about the techniques which have been proposed by the researchers. This paper presents the brief introduction to WBAN followed by the review on congestion control modules and methods which have been used for the solution. It has been presented that by using congestion control techniques the performance parameters such as throughput, battery life, data rate, delay, queue length, loss of packets, bandwidth can be improved.

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