Energy Efficient Base Clustering Algorithm to Achieve Optimum Value of Energy Consumption

  • Dr. Vishal Kumar Goar, Dr. Manoj Kuri, Pawan Kumar Tanwar


For decreasing the energy usage of device within network is a vital problem for routing the packets in wireless Sensor networks as a result of their limitation of batteries within the sensors. This manuscript presents an associate degree energy efficient base bunch algorithmic program referred to as EEBC to realize the optimum worth of energy consumption, dependability, network period and reach-ability. the main target is on the cluster head choice section wherever Cluster Head (CH) plays an awfully necessary role in bunch algorithmic program. This algorithmic program initial selects the CH relying upon its energy state yet as its degree. If the cluster head has a high energy state, then network reach-ability and lifetime are hyperbolic. For causation knowledge from CH to sink node, we tend to area unit routing the packets through the nodes that have enough energy to transmit the entire packets. so, it results that the network reach-ability and life-time are hyperbolic. Finally, mobile and static wireless detector network atmosphere was evaluated with relation to the standard parameters of the packet delivery fraction, packets drop and turnout. By analyzing the results, we will prove that our planned algorithmic program EEBC performs with success compared to alternative ancient energy economical algorithms.


Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Cluster Head (CH), Energy Efficient Based Clustering Algorithm (EEBC)

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