An Integrated System Based on IoT and GSM for Real Time Health Monitoring

  • M.Dinesh, Dr. Christeena Joseph


Nowadays, Monitoring and Recording of the patient’s health condition outside the hospital become a Widespread phenomenon. This paper discusses about the health monitoring system based on IoT and GSM modules. The main theme of this system is to collect the information from the body by using sensors and sends that information to the IoT device. This system consists of temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure sensors. These sensors are connected with Arduino and IoT modules to monitor the patient’s health condition. The patient’s health condition can also be monitor in a mobile phone by using the application(Thing View) in the form of graphical representation. If any sudden change happens in the patient’s body then the system sends an alert message to the pre-coded number by using the GSM module.

Keywords: IoT, GSM module, Arduino, Heartbeat sensor, Blood pressure sensor, Temperature sensor.

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