An Extensive review of Robotics Technology in Various fields

  • Santhiya.M, Karthiga.R.R, Lavanya.C.B


In this fast-paced world, the demand for the service rendered by the robots were steadily increasing.  And at the same time, the use of robots makes human-beings more comfortable. The assistance of robots was now employed in so many fields like Industrial Sector, Space sector, Medicine, Household services and even in Army. The assistance and use of robots not only make people lazy but also prevents them from working.  This will cause many people to lose their jobs. Use of robotics makes humans lazy but the play a vital role the global economic boom.  Robots merge with the people belongs to different ages and it has been confirmed from the feedback of the people. What will be the reaction of the robots when they are made to indulge in different situations and at the same time in different environments is also discussed here. The achievements made by the use of robots were indestructible from the pages of history. The invention of robots has accomplished many things which were unthinkable by man. There were many disadvantages which were also met by humans after the use of robotics in many fields

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