Modeling of Electrical Properties of SEDS

  • Tarun Singhal, Sunil Kumar Chawla, Virender Kumar, Hemant Sharma


The modern technology of fabrication allows us to produce devices on a nanometric scale, which makes possible to observe phenomena of electronic or individual electronic tunneling. On the other hand, MOSFET devices with a channel length of less than 20 nanometers do not work properly since the device scaling of MOS causes a vast measurable variance of the threshold voltage. One conceivable way to deal with conquer the past concern is to utilization SEDs for the futures .Innanoelectronics Single electron devices (SEDs) have an important place.SET (Single Electron Transistor) is most utilized single electron device. Electrical characteristics of a SET are represented in this paper. TheI-V characteristics of single-electron transistor aresimulated using Matlab. The process of simulation is based on master equation. The effect of variation of different parameters likes tunnel resistance, drain resistance, gate capacitance and gate voltage is discussed. The effect of coulomb blockade is also observed. Simulated results show staircase behavior of drain current and voltage characteristics.


Keywords- single electron transistor, coulomb blockade, tunneling


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