Home Automation – A Vision for Beneficial Future

  • Manpreet Singh Bajwa, Neetu Singh, Harshmeet Kaur, Kartik Aggarwal


Home automation is becoming more beneficial these days because it helps to control and establish communication between all appliances of our house. Automated homes help to provide comfort, safety as well as a secured environment. This article is based on low cost and reliable system for home monitoring which helps in accessing and controlling devices to develop a smart home. The main purpose of the Home Automation System is that it helps to control or monitor the signal from different appliances. It helps us to overcome the security as we are using Wi-Fi protected access secondly. Also, the users can operate the appliances anytime, anywhere, thus helps in becoming more automated. It helps in providing ease to old aged and handicapped person as hand gesture-based home automation for physically challenged people helps to sense the accelerations of hand. The commands can be provided through Bluetooth present in the mobile phone. Appliances can be remote using the SMS based system & thus all electrical household appliances can be controlled by sending a text message. This module controls the home appliances with a way ease of installation and it is user-friendly.


Keywords: Automation, Bluetooth, Smart Home, Home Automation System (HAS), Wi-Fi protected access

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