A Journey From Iot Towards COT: Future Of Things

  • Gurpreet Singh, Shivangi, Sahil Bhasin, Sunil kumar chawla


In the current era of technology, the world is getting smarter day by day. Every day a new technology comes up which leads the things to perform their operations automatically and be able to send data online. The requirement of getting data from various things increasing day by day, also everyone wants to keep watch on their personal things and require access 24X7 whether they are nearer or goes far away. The technologies to make things smarter are developing at a very fast rate. By making things smarter will make our life more comfortable. But on the other hand, there are various issues that have been there for these technologies. The solution for these issues decides whether the user is going to be benefitted or it becomes a burden on the user.  This paper provides a survey of various such technologies that make things smarter and to send the data through the internet. The paper is divided into five sections. The first section provides an introduction about IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud Computing. The second section provides information about the Integration of cloud computing with IoT. The third section describes the benefits of combining cloud with IoT, the fourth section describes various applications of Cloud of Things and finally, various issues that come across when a person try to integrate the above two technologies are discussed.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, IoT, CoT.

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