Life Skill Interventions Among The Employees In Automobile Industries In India



Life skills lead to an employee's holistic growth at the personal and professional levels. (Nair, Pradeep & Fahimirad, Mehrnaz, 2019). According to Gandhiji, one should be courageous and pose his opinions, ideas, and thoughts acceptably.  (Sharma, 2008). These form the foundation for self-awareness, empathy, communication skill, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, the critical component of life skills. Minimum acceptable skills are being replaced with higher expectations in today's dynamic job market. Persons with strong life skills that rank high in this class are usually the people most employers want to recruit (Lazarus, 2019). So it is evident that the employees who are already in the job are also given training in life skills to manage themselves and also deal with other employees more effectively.  This study revealed that life skills training encourages an employee's holistic development provided it is compatible with other training initiatives, including technological, method, safety regulations, and the list goes on. Training in life skills facilitates and strengthens the capacity of employees to respond to the rapid changes and brace themselves for the challenges.

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