Influence Of Ocb Factors On The Work Contentment Levels Of Executives

  • K.Ramalakshmi, Selvarani Mariappan


Life blood for any organization in the present trend is the highly inclined employees than the financial capital that it holds. If you have the former you can anyway procure the required capital but if the former is not present the later in no manner can help the organization in its survival, sustenance and success. Hence organization behavior concepts are the most attention drawing factors for any organization. As rightly referred by Organ in 1988 OCB as a discretionary behavior which is aimed toward the individuals in addition to on the organizational stage for the welfare and nicely-being of the business enterprise. Each and every aspect of OCB had been studied thoroughly and correlation changed into carried out to discover the interrelation among those dimensions of OCB and process contentedness. The outcome from studies pointed out that there exists a strong association among different classes of OCB & task contentment also similarly OCB & activity pride are numerically vast along every different. Findings provide a preview over the cruciality of OCB behaviors over place of work for each enterprise & execution of those greater-function behaviors facilitate in enhancing work existence stability for executives & decorate with growing developing atmosphere for grasping as well as increase. The job satisfaction is the driving factor for generation OCB in the employees of an organization. The recommendations also point out at the efforts to be put up by the firms towards building up the motivation levels in their employees further.

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