Ensuring Data Security In Internet Of Things (Iot) Through Big Data Analytics

  • Sunita Choudhary, Anand Sharma


The advancement in amount of devices related with IoT (Internet of Things) and exponential addition in data use simply imitate how the improvement of gigantic data marvelously covers with IoT. The organization of huge data in continually stretching out approach rises to non-insignificant doubts as for data collection capability, assessment, planning, security and privacy. Exceptionally, the IoT structure need to offer any type of security measure for the services with the goal that the sensitive data, for example, type of service, device hostname, device proprietor's individuality, business communication, business information are kept private and secure. To address this issue, experts have dissected the problems related with the productive arrangement of IoT for security. This paper explores the utilization of big data analytics in tremendous data security perspectives for IoT systems similarly as the key necessities for administering gigantic data and for enabling examination in an IoT system.

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