Deep Neural Network and ABC Based Emotion Recognition

  • Himanshu Sharma et al.


Facial expressions are used to show set of fundamental and universal emotions by humans.  In the human emotion identification filed as well as in computer human interaction, automatic emotion recognition plays a major role.  They are used in the applications like health care monitoring, personalized learning and surveillance etc. When features are mapped into high dimension, enhanced results are produced by Distance Metric Learning (DML) and in SVM detection.

However in which LBP features only extracted from the image and does not extracted the other features. And accurately detecting the emotion is still having some challenges. To avoid this issue in this work provide one new method to extract GLCM feature along with the LBP features. Additionally feature selection method also introduced in this work using ABC algorithm to improve the accuracy of the classifier. And noise removal using Gaussian Noise. In this Emotion detection will be done by using ensemble learning classifiers (EL-CF) method. 

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