• Supriya S. Shinde et al.


Humanity; moving to an era centered upon progress has forgotten the importance of belongings and has been the key executor behind the growing pollution levels within the earth’s atmosphere among all alternative living organisms. The pollution levels at some places have reached to such high extents that they have started harming our own health. Hence, it is a important indication to keep track of pollution levels in our surroundings in order to ensure that we do not get affected by the sick effects of pollution and at an equivalent time manage our actions so as to take care of pollution free environmental conditions. It is compulsory to check pollution level and keep it under control for a better outlook and strong living for all. Here we propose air pollution; sound pollution; fire detection as well as dust bin monitoring system that allows us to monitor and check live pollution condition in a particular area through IOT (Internet of Things). System uses gas sensors to sense presence of harmful gas in the air, voice sensor to detect noise, fire detector to detect fire, ultrasonic sensor for measuring dust bin level and frequently transmit this data to Arduino. Also system keeps measuring pollution stage and reports it to the online server over IOT. The sensors act together with Arduino which processes this data and transmits it over internet. This allows establishment to monitor pollution status in different areas and take action against it.

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