Cryptographic Algorithms for Secure Internet of Things

  • Kapil Mehta, Yogesh Kumar, Harjeet Singh Sidhu


As billions of devices are connected with one another, IoT (Internet of Things) that promises technology solutions for solving daily lives of people. The increasing demand of Internet computing through physical devices transforms the living style of people in every manner. This is only possible with the computing intelligence of physical devices or objects connected with each other irrespective of their nature of homogeneity or heterogeneity connected through the Internet called IoT (Internet of Things). The connectivity of such intelligent devices leads to various security challenges that may lead to various security problems in the network. Security in the widespread manner revolves around privacy, trust, identification and access control during communication between various devices. So, according to the taxonomy of IoT framework, various Security Algorithms are available to deal with the security concerns of users using IoT enabled devices. In this paper, different research challenges and important security solution algorithms are discussed and analyzed to prevent attacks or cover various security measures. The most likely measures are well approved by various research scholars working in this area. This paper is a holistic overview of the available solutions or the research status of different key technology algorithms for IoT Security. This paper also surveys the Light Weight Cryptography solutions for IoT.

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