E-Voting Technology Using Blockchain in Indonesia

  • Emil R. Kaburuan, Alvin Gunawan, Josua Setyo


In the beginning, blockchain technology was a technology used for cryptocurrency method. With decentralized data storage and high level of security, making blockchains are the right thing to do digital currency for activities. Over time, blockchain is not only used to run digital currencies. The blockchain method can also be applied to several activities such as smart contracts until election votes. Indonesia is one of a country that has a lot of islands and hundreds of millions of people. It will be very difficult to make elections and are very prone for fraud. The use of fake Id cards until the election sheet redundancy becomes a very difficult issue to fix. With the blockchain, it is expected to overcome various electoral problems in Indonesia. In this paper, we will describe the implementation, functions, advantages and limitations of the blockchain when applied to elections in Indonesia.

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Emil R. Kaburuan, Alvin Gunawan, Josua Setyo. (2020). E-Voting Technology Using Blockchain in Indonesia. International Journal of Control and Automation, 13(4), 24 - 31. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJCA/article/view/16045