An Improved Voltage Sag Mitigation Technique for Adjustable Speed Drives

  • S.Renukadevi, Dr.M.Rathinakumar


In industrial processes adjustable speed drives are employed to regulate the speed of equipment operating at various speeds for various products in large scale. They are progressively sensitive of voltage sags and extremely hard in making them indulgent against voltage sag. Each combination of sag has diverse effects on its operation. Single line to ground fault is the predominant fault in the power supply which is the significant cause of voltage sag. This paper considers an adjustable speed drive for process industries under type-B fault owing to ground fault. This paper intends a voltage sag mitigation method for three phases adjustable speed drives with reduced DC-link inrush current. The proposed topology is analysed for three phase balanced sag. The results of Simulation are discussed to justify the viability of the procedure. And also experimental results for three phase 1HP, 415V ASD are presented.

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