Compact Multiband Printed Antenna Design and Analysis

  • K.Praveen Kumar, B.Amulya, B.Venkateshwar Rao


     Current article, presents the elliptical slot antenna design procedure for multiband applications. The suggested antenna covers L-band, WIMAX, WLAN and X band. By placing inverted T-shaped stub and three reverse U-shape stubs, the resonating characteristics of the antenna are observed. The resonating frequencies are 1.95, 4.14, 5.05, 5.89 and 9.15 GHz respectively. Proposed structure depicting better return loss (S11<-10dB) with compact size. Peak gain of 3.35 dB, antenna efficiency of 82% was achieved at all operating bands. Omni-directional radiation pattern along H-plane and bi-directional radiation pattern along E-plane are achieved.

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K.Praveen Kumar, B.Amulya, B.Venkateshwar Rao. (2020). Compact Multiband Printed Antenna Design and Analysis . International Journal of Control and Automation, 13(03), 58 - 63. Retrieved from