A Novel Wireless MAC Protocol for RFID Networks

  • Kyeong Hur
  • Won-Sung Sohn
  • Jae-Kyung Kim
  • YangSun Lee


Because of absence of a unified standard for the communication between RFID nodes, it can be cut off due to protocol mismatch in case of movement of the RFID reader to a region of a different protocol. Moreover, centralized MAC schemes for RFID communication in previous studies have severe problems. For instance, if a RFID cluster header disappears from the cluster due to the cluster header's movement or a bad channel condition, the member RFID nodes of the cluster waste lots of time and energy to re-elect a new RFID cluster header. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a cooperative relay transmission scheme for WiMedia Distributed MAC (D-MAC) protocol for RFID networks and demonstrate performance improvement via simulation results
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Hur, K., Sohn, W.-S., Kim, J.-K., & Lee, Y. (2013). A Novel Wireless MAC Protocol for RFID Networks . International Journal of Control and Automation, 6(2), 01 - 16. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJCA/article/view/145