Health Investment Attitude of IT Professional in Hyderabad

  • R. Madhavi, Dr. C. Muralikumaran


Investment is an activity that is engaged in by people who have savings i.e. investments are made from savings, or in other words people invest their savings. A variety of investment options are available such as bank, Gold, Real estate, post services, mutual funds & so on. Investors are investing their money with the different objectives such as profit, security, appreciation, Income stability. Researcher has studied the different avenues of investments as well as the factors while selecting the investment with the sample size of 40 salaried employees by conducting the survey through questionnaire in Pune, India. The study is based on personal interviews with salaried peoples, using a structured questionnaire. Actually, the present study identifies the preferred investment avenues among the individual investors using self-assessment test. The study is based on primary sources of data which are collected by distribution of a close ended questionnaire. The data has been analyzed using percentage, chi-square test, and Person Correlation Coefficient with the help of statistical software. The researcher has analyzed that salaried employees consider the safety as well as good return on investment on regular basis. Respondents are aware about the investment avenues available in India except female investors.

 Keywords: Investments, profit, salaried employees, savings.

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