Effects employee’s ethic on organizational performance

  • Zin MyoHtike


demonstration to employees treating as equal opportunities and negotiating are make management process between ethically responsible in integrity of business of laws, fairly, honestly and open minded across the management between team and customers relation in operation.

The research measured what progress ofemployee’s ethic hadbeen practice actually inthe organization, this study found that the effects ethic of employeesand organizational performance effectiveness. Managing the business operatedasethical standards in all clients, customers, suppliers, environment and the communities are able totake into action by the employees. Organization showed to prove an efficient, effectively protectedfrom unethical doing can be increased in performance in return high flow in revenues of organization.Effective ethical leaders for decision making as commitment, credibility implemented the highest and strongly demonstrate respect service within the organization by the effort of coaching, mentoring and training to develop performance.

Key Words: Ethics, Employee’s ethics, Organizational performance

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