Analytical Approach E-Marketing and E-Service Quality from Customer Perspective

  • Rina Indrayani, Ragil Pardiyono


High school growth increasing cause competition becomes tougher. Under these conditions a college administrator should know how to attract prospective students to be able to choose a college. For that we need a review of the factors affecting the students choose and stay at the university. This study aims to analyze the factors which is now a major factor, in the midst of ever-expanding information technology. How the trust of prospective students are formed, how the factors of technology in marketing, brand and service of this electronic effect. Based on the results of this research note that the brand image of the Trust  have a relationship of 2.806. Comparison Emarketing variable t value is equal to 0.652, so emarketing also have a relationship of trust in students. While the t value eService Quality variable is equal to 6.491. Because t value 6.491> t table 1.6501, it can be concluded that the relationship between eService Quality of the Trust (Y).

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