A Routing Scheme Considering Mobility in Mobile Peer-to-peer Networks

  • Kyoung Soo Bok
  • In Gook Son
  • Jong Tae Lim
  • He Li
  • Jae Soo Yoo


Recently, with the development of wireless communication technology and the wide usage of mobile devices such as PDAs, netbooks, and smart phones, interests on mobile P2P networks have been increased. Location based routing schemes considering the mobility of mobile devices in order to provide mobile P2P services were proposed. However, the existing schemes cause high communication costs since they broadcast the messages to a whole network to create routing paths. In this paper, we propose a new location based routing scheme to efficiently create routing paths along with the mobility of mobile devices. The proposed scheme maintains the information of peers within 2-hop in order to reduce the costs of routing path searches. The proposed scheme searches the routing path considering the directionality of the destination peer and maintains it using the connectivity of peers. It was shown through performance evaluation that the proposed scheme outperforms the existing schemes.
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Bok, K. S., Son, I. G., Lim, J. T., Li, H., & Yoo, J. S. (2014). A Routing Scheme Considering Mobility in Mobile Peer-to-peer Networks . International Journal of Control and Automation, 7(1), 01 - 08. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJCA/article/view/139