Implementation of Digital Differentiators at low frequencies

  • Gowtham Dhanarasi, B. T. Krishna and K. Padmaraju


The main objective of the paper is to design and implement different digital differentiators at low frequencies which are of order first, second and third. These differentiators are useful in many real-time applications where there is a need for the first second and third-order derivatives of a signal. Here total five differentiators are designed and implemented one which is designed using a meta-heuristic technique remaining differentiators are designed by al-aloui, N.Q.Ngo. Whereas the Meta-heuristic technique uses an approach that pacifies the premature convergence, torpidity of the same solution, again and again, this occurs in the remaining optimization technique. So in this paper, the authors have designed and implemented various differentiators by giving three different inputs to the designed differentiators. The inputs include a sine wave Triangular wave and square wave. To test the efficacy and accuracy of the designed differentiator by Matlab and Code Composer Studio software platforms by using DSP Starter Kit (DSK) for Digital Signal Processor TMS320C6713 of Texas Instruments technology.

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