Automation of HR practices using E-HRM controllers in IT Organizations

  • Bajeesh Balakrishnan, Dr. R Duraipandian


The department of Human Resources in an organization is often termed as the backbone of an organization and its functions are one of the important aspects of the various sub-functions that are carried in terms of people effectiveness in an organization. This can be in the lines of Hiring, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Rewards and Recognition, Employee Separation and maintaining the core HR practices. The evolution of technology has induced a major transformation from how a HR used to work as a personal administration or a department to a much more sophisticated and technology driven department, enabling the different functions of an organization to perform better. This adds up to how the HR controllers at various stages are used, which is inclusive of managing an employee data, hiring new candidates, setting up the expectations and managing those using a performance management system, rewarding the top performing employees and benefits administration. This also talks about the automation of the HR processes in workplace. The digital evolution and the automation of HR has a major role to play in making the HR functions perform their day-to-day transactions. Now, this piece of research was conducted in the IT organizations across Bangalore, India.

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