Progressed IOT Based Remote Health Monitoring System

  • Dahlia Sam, S.Srinidhi, V. R. Niveditha, S.Amudha and D. Usha


Because of a bustling timetable and unpredictable way of life, health risk isn't an age-subordinate factor in the ongoing time. Under these conditions, Internet of Things has given a lot simpler answer for remote continuous wellbeing check of patients from the clinic, just as home. Sensors secure the information of different parameters with regards to patients' wellbeing, and the Internet of Things stores that information and shows through the site, which also gives access to remote observing. Utilization of sensors decreases the possibility of human mistake, ensures better care and treatment, reduces medical expenses, lessens the involved space of the room and improves overall performance. This extraordinary piece of arrangement is a novel way of giving the recommended prescription to patients in time. The other gainful zone of this framework is the plan of sending the warning through email and SMS alert, if any of the health parameters crosses the limit esteem. Notice plan will keep the medical expert aware of the circumstance. Another huge part of the proposed arrangement, is creating the ideal surroundings according to the necessity of patient's wellbeing condition. This paper deals about the checking of health data like pulse, circulatory strain, breath rate, body temperature, body development and saline dimensions. Overall, IOT in healthcare is a potential area where possibilities are endless.

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Dahlia Sam, S.Srinidhi, V. R. Niveditha, S.Amudha and D. Usha. (2020). Progressed IOT Based Remote Health Monitoring System. International Journal of Control and Automation, 13(2s), 268 - 273. Retrieved from