Finger Vein Based Bank Security System

  • Thilagaraj M, Swetha N N, Pugazhendi R ,Rahul R


Finger Vein Based ATM could be a software application by which the user's finger vein is used for authentication. Biometrics is automated methods for the identification of a physiological or behavioral attribute assisted by a person. Biometric based solutions are able to provide privacy and confidential financial transactions. Instead of using ATM card, Finger vein-based Money transactions are safer and secure.There's no worry about losing your ATM card and there's no need to carry it with you everytime in your wallet. All you need to do is use your finger vein to make any banking transaction. Thanks to the prolonged presence of the finger vein and its widespread use, finger vein recognition systems have achieved the foremost popularity of all the recently used biometric techniques. Extractions of the finger vein feature are based on ridge ending and ridge bifurcation using minutiae extraction algorithm. For each individual, the finger print minutiae features are different. Therefore, users are often uniquely identified. The system is made up of database which consists of finger vein patterns as dataset, DC motor, LCD display and a GSM.

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