Decentralized Digital Governance Using Block Chain Technology

  • S. Sri Heera, J Shreya, S. Moushmi, M. P Pavithara, K. Vikash Kalaban


The Effectiveness and transparency in government process and service delivery mechanisms is extremely important that can be achieved using blockchain technology.A Blockchain may be a decentralized arrangement which does not require any outsider association within the center.  This acts as a huge advantage as it reduces the risk of tampering, fraud and cybercrime. All the government details are connected through a chain network and so no modification and any kind of alteration possible. An open blockchain network has no centralized authority where the information in it is open for anyone and everyone to see and the data can only be added in the blockchain with time sequential order. Even though there is a constant development in technology and adaptation towards cloud storage there is still manual handling of files and sometimes the documents are misplaced , lost since the files are stored physically and also there is a misled communication between the participants in consideration of one instance such as money transactions The blockchain implementation in the government organization would give tremendous benefit to the government administration, resulting in better service delivery to the citizens.

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S. Sri Heera, J Shreya, S. Moushmi, M. P Pavithara, K. Vikash Kalaban. (2020). Decentralized Digital Governance Using Block Chain Technology. International Journal of Control and Automation, 13(02), 764 - 770. Retrieved from