Synthesis of High Silicon of Zeolites and Their Sorption Properties

  • I.I. Mamadoliev., N.I. Fayzullaev, K.M. Khalikov


   During the study, the synthesis, structure, and physicochemical characteristics of high-silicon zeolites from bentonite and kaolin were studied. Adsorption isotherms are characteristic of type IV according to the de Boer classification and characterize the adsorption of mesocellular substances. In the isotherm in the range P/P0 = 0-0.05, monomolecular adsorption in mesopores and adsorption in micropores are observed. At P/P0 = 0.05, mono- and multimolecular adsorption is observed in mesocytes. P/P0 = 0.05-0.4 represents the polymolecular adsorption field. Based on the results obtained, the adsorption of CO2, H2S, and NO2 gases by absorption of a mixture of CaCl2 ∙ ZnCl2 ∙ MnCl2/HSZ salts in a synthesized sorbent was studied. According to experimental results, the dynamic capacity of CaCl2 ∙ ZnCl2 ∙ MnCl2/HSZ relative to hydrogen sulfide was 2.76% by mass. The total dynamic capacity of the adsorbent on H2S was above 20-25%.

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