A Study of Influence of Mall Atmospherics on Consumer Shopping behaviour

  • Kavita Tandon, Dr. Mamta Mohan


Attractive atmospherics is a significant contributor towards a pleasant shopping experience. Mall atmospherics comprising of the color scheme, layout, odour, music and others (parking facilities, food courts, multiplexes, kids’area, marketing and promotion events etc.)pave a way in forming a long-lasting impression of a mall in the shopper’s mind. As shopping at a mall is no longer viewed as a boring chore but as a leisure activity, so the appropriateblend of soothing music, vivacious colours, pleasingodours - all sum up to having an experience worth remembering.

It is vital for mall managers in today’s times to make sure that the image they wish to communicate through the mall atmospherics is in harmony with the product offering of stores at the mall and the positioning that is desired to be created in shoppers’ mind.

This study aims to study the relationship between optimum mall atmospherics and shopping behaviour of consumers.

Keywords: Mall atmospherics, PAD Model, Environmental Psychology, Mall Patronage, experiential consumption.

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